The village of Ozolles

The small village of Ozolles is located down a vale where the Ozolette gentle stream meanders through the pasture.
The village is surrounded by green wooded hills, the fields abound in springs, ponds and rivulets.
The Ozolette spring starts at the Milliade pond and flows into the Arconce in the hamlet of Ouze, next to Montessus.

Ozolles used to be called Olsola or Oulsole in the 11th century, then Elzolis or Ulsola in the 12th. The name definely became Ozo(l)les in the 13th century. It is composed of the main village (le Bourg) and 4 hamlets : Cloudeau, Verquilleux, Crary and Les Cusses. In 2011, the village had 428 inhabitants. Since april 2014, the mayor has been M. Gérard LALLEMENT (2014-2020) succeeding Mrs Jocelyne Gelin (2008-2014).

In the village you will find :

  • a primary school
  • a bar-cum-grocery "l'Ozollois" and mail box
  • bread delivery
  • a doctor
  • a great number of craftsmen.

Château de Rambuteau

Château de Crary

Château de Beauregard

Statue de Notre Dame de Comberoche

Calvaire du Grand Etang de Rambuteau

Monument du bataillon du Charollais - 1870

Fontaine et Chapelle de dévotion

Mégalithes de Cloudeau

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